Eat More: Roti Reveals

Eat More: Roti Reveals

Roti Modern Mediterranean

1) Most Popular Dish?

Chicken kabob with Roasted Red Pepper sauce.

2) Where’s Roti from?

Chicago, their favorite event was at the Sky Deck of the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower.

3)How long has Roti been around?

Roti has been around for 10 years and people have been visiting the restaurants and eating the same thing this whole time!

4) Where did the concept come from?

A group of friends visited the Mediterranean and wanted to create a fast-causal concept. I met Carl at the Roti opening and you can feel his passion for food and the industry.

5) Why the name Roti?

Roti is short for rotisserie, the traditional way they cook their meat. Currently they cook on a flat top grill to keep up with the quality of the protein.

6 )New menu items?

New menu items for the Dallas location are in the works. Stay tuned!

7) How did you come up with the tagline: Food that loves you back?

As a company they are always trying the latest health trends and strive to bring healthiest options to the public!

8) How many locations by end of 2017?

They currently have 27 and will be at 32 total by the end of the year!

9) My favorite thing?

I fell in love with their schug, because I crave that spice from my Indian background. Pro-tip, add the schug to your humus for some added kick!

10) Anything different with your Texas opening?

They LOVED the people in Texas because of our warm welcome. #southerncharm

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