Eat More: Croquette

Eat More: Croquette

Fancy Fried Food

Where to start? A croquette is simply a bread-crumbed fried food ball. Besides Texas itself, I don’t know of anything else Texans like more than fried food.

Gregory Castillo and Chris Cuan moved to Texas over a year ago with a dream of bringing fancy fried food to Dallas. Both men come from Cuban roots and grew up in Miami eating Latin classics. Chris has a background in entrepreneurship and works for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). Greg worked for Michelle Bernstein at Michy’s in Miami and later began working at the Dallas Morning News after moving here. The combination of Chris's business background and Greg's cooking talents makes for an out-of-this-world selection of croquettes. They are everything one Texan could hope for (and more): battered-up, deep fried, perfectly crisp, and packed with meaty, cheesy ingredients that hit you in the face with unbelievable (delish) flavor!

My personal favorite is their Deep Fried Elotes: Roasted Corn, Hominy, Cotija Cheese and Crema. For you meat lovers, they also have their Three Little Pigs: Sweet Ham, Bacon, Muenster, Chicharron, drizzled with Garlic Cilantro Mayo. Some exciting new croquettes coming your way include their homage to their favorite movie, Coming to America: “The Big Mick," two piggie croquetas, special sauce, onions, pickles, lettuce, and cheese, on seedless buns. Too much?…I think not! They’ll also be introducing their first sweet item this weekend, the cinnamon roll donut with star anise, vanilla horchata icing, sprinkled with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Keep a look out for these specials and much more coming your way. Get there fast though, because they keep selling out quickly. These croquettes are a labor of love, and the hard work that goes into them is quickly being noticed by Dallasites.

Some more fun facts about two Cubans full of personality and passion for food. Chris does improv at the Dallas Comedy House and Greg was the master mind behind the Pokemon-Go event at the DMA last fall. Their favorite spot to eat in DFW is Not Your Mama’s Fried Chicken from bb-bop Seoul Kitchen ( I’d have to agree that this KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) coated with soy ginger of spicy chili kicks some major ass. You won’t be able to shut the cluck up about it. These two besties also play a little game they like to call, “Who Eat’s Free”. Jackie Chan and The Rock are always the top two contenders who'd get some free Croquettes should they ever show up at their stand someday. For your chance to make the “Who Eat’s Free” list check out Dallas Eat More for giveaways or head to the the Shed at the Dallas Farmers Market during Croquette weekends (I know I'm already hoping for a permanent location soon!) (

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