Eat More: Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop

Eat More: Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop

Where to start with the story of the most incredible cupcakes in DFW? Let me first say, I am honored my first interview on Dallas Eat More is about Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop in Plano, TX. Enjoying Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop has always been a tradition for my family, even before they found their home at Lakeside Center over four years ago. My mom met, Dallas local, Rachel Barbaro Arrieta, who was fresh out of college, (Texas Tech Alum, Wreck ‘Em!) at a William-Sonoma. Rachel was at the store showcasing her cupcakes, and working hard to make her dreams of owning her own bakery, a reality. Since then, Sugar Ray’s has been my family’s go-to cupcake place.

One bite is all it takes to realize that Rachel has something special. I’ve introduced Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop to people from around the world and they’re always blown away by how incredible they taste. What makes them the best around, is not only the hard work and heart Rachel puts into every single cupcake, but also that they’re made from homemade family recipes and baked fresh daily. Rachel was born with this talent, as the picture shows her at 2 years old decorating a cake with her mom. These memories from her childhood, eating frosting and being covered in flour give her baking that emotional connection, making her cupcakes extraordinarily special. Her number one seller is the Red Velvet cupcake, although my personal favorite is her classic Vanilla Bean. You can literally see the vanilla seeds in the light sweet icing on top of a fluffy moist vanilla cupcake. Is your mouth watering yet?

Another unique thing about her cupcakes is her incredible ability to transform familiar flavors into cupcakes. She has a lot of fun coming up with new flavors and the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating new concoctions. Some of her personal favorites include her lemon blueberry ricotta, her margarita cupcake made with tequila or her whiskey cupcake, inspired by her favorite dessert outside her own, Whiskey Cake’s, whiskey cake. In addition to cupcakes, Rachel also makes other tasty sweets, like her signature chocolate toppers, mini cinnamon rolls and pancake-topped cupcakes. By now you’re also probably wondering how the name Sugar Ray’s was created. It is NOT after the 90’s one hit wonder or boxer, but after Rachel’s nickname, Ray.

Sugar Ray’s cupcakes are the best, but you don’t have to only take my word for it. Sugar Ray’s was also featured on Cooking Channel’s Sugar Showdown and had to overcome one of the scariest challenges yet, baking with crickets! After 10 long hours of interviews, 12 cameras in her face and baking all day, Sugar Ray’s was defeated. While this obstacle lead to their loss, when one door closes, another opens. Exactly two months later Shake Shack reached out to Rachel to be featured as one of the local custard concretes at their Shops at Legacy location! She paired her old fashion strawberry cupcake and strawberry puree with Shake Shacks classic vanilla custard, creating a classic strawberry shortcake flavor and the ultimate southern comfort treat.

Lastly, I’d also like to emphasize that Sugar Ray’s Bake Shop is not just a one trick pony. Other than cupcakes they offer crepes, large chocolate dipped rice crispy treats, and the perfect macarons. Rachel also just started hosting Macaron classes, so be sure to check out her Instagram for class dates. For more information or to place an order for customized cupcakes check out (

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