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Eggtastic spots around DFW


The eclectic 1960’s vibe at Americano sets the mood for the perfect brunch atmosphere. If you get lucky you’ll get my favorite spot in the house, the indoor/outdoor patio. The Americano is a restaurant where you can come dressed to the nines or come in jeans and a t-shirt. If you’re up for it, check out the underground bar at The Joule, Midnight Rambler.

Now that I’ve set the mood let’s get to the eggs. I’m a sucker for eating pizza for breakfast and Americano’s is awesome. Their ultimate breakfast pizza is brunch heaven with: sausage, gravy, scrambled farm eggs and potatoes. What better way to dress up a pizza than with a farm egg? The Neapolitan style pizza is another must-try. It has a a unique chewy, yet crispy crust combo that melts in your mouth. Also, their thin crust pizzas are the closest I’ve had to pizza in Italy.

Pair your brunch with any of their morning drinks;

I like to go for their twist on a Bloody Mary with basil and balsamic. Finish off your meal with friends and family by sharing their homemade doughnuts stuffed with Nutella, the perfect sweet end to an Italian brunch! Now that it’s all in your head, check out some more of their eggcellent dishes ranging from fried egg sandwich to egg white frittata. (http://americanodallas.com/)

Sixty Vines

For the next eggcellent spot head north to Plano’s new epic wine restaurant, Sixty Vines. I could go on and on about their beautiful décor, massively high ceiling and stunning green-house patio, but I want to focus on what impressed me the most: their eco-friendly vibes. Sixty Vines strives to be environmentally conscious and offers wine on tap to reduce bottle and cork waste. I love being able to drink wine on tap and relax, while being eco-friendly.

In keeping with the Italian theme, there is one dish that always WOWs me-- the fettucine. Their homemade fettuccine pasta is cooked perfectly al dente with butternut squash, cracklins, sage butter, pea tendrils, and that ever-so-yolky duck egg! The light sage butter paired with the slightly sweet squash and salty cracklin make this dish beyond eggcellent! I’ve had this dish for brunch and dinner at Sixty Vines and it always hits the spot. A few of my family’s favorites include the wood fired pesto cauliflower and the cinnamon walnut sticky buns with a hint of orange. Also, lucky for all you Dallasites who think Plano is in the suburbia boonies, Sixty Vines is coming to Crescent Court in Fall 2017. (http://sixtyvines.com/)

TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen

I thought I was a toastaholic, until I walked into the beautiful industrial modern toast oasis. Like the name implies, TOASTED Coffee + Kitchen is focused on the perfection of coffee and toast, and they have achieved it. If toast and great coffee aren’t enough to persuade you to visit, their front garage-style door opens up to a puppy friendly indoor/outdoor patio. They also offer puppy friendly treats and water bowls for your fur babies! Not a dog person (you might be evil)? Then check out TOASTED’s great selection of wine, beer, and cocktails, with ½ off bottles for Wednesday Wine Night.

Back to the purpose of this blog, eggs! My eggcellent choice is The Punitentiary: benedict poached egg, incarcerated in a circle of bacon and toast, spiced up with sriracha and jalapenos. This is the ultimate salty, spicy, savory toast creation to date. For those of you that don’t want the spice (wimps), they offer the Eggs In Jail. Check out their website for some more of my favorites including the Coma-Toast (butter+sugar=heaven) and Avoc-Ca-Dam (avocado, green and red sriracha). (http://toasted.coffee/)


Last, but not least, a Vegan option! An eggless egg...V-Eats likes to call, Veggs. V-Eats is now open at Trinity Groves and has people of all diets flocking towards their plant-based diet options! Their large covered patio makes it a great spot all year long.

The eggcellent star is their “chicken fried steak.” When the plate came to the table our whole family was a bit skeptical about their steak, but the addition of creamy gravy, hash brown, and Veggs over easy was deceivingly flavorful. I never thought I’d find a Vegan restaurant that understood comfort food so well. I will say Veggs may take a little getting use to, but I love the plant-based movement moving to Texas. Some other options I recommend include their Chicken and Waffles and their mouthwatering Chili Cheese Dog. Health is wealth and balance is key, so I hope y’all give V-Eats a try! V-Eats (http://www.v-eats.com/)

For more info about Veggs visit: (http://thevegg.com/what-is-the-vegg/)

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