National Grilled Cheese Month

National Grilled Cheese Month

Well, like a lot of you out there, I could literally eat grilled cheese sandwiches in any shape or form, daily.

My first pick of cheesy perfection is the Dallas Grilled Cheese Company in Bishop Arts District. I stumbled upon it when one of my favorite brunch spots, Oddfellows was packed one Sunday morning. Dallas Grilled Cheese Company quickly became a family tradition because of one spicy surprise, their spicy ghost pepper cheese. My go to is their Rustic Grilled Cheese (parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough with American, aged cheddar, Gruyére cheeses, and Dijon mustard). A true regular adds their ghost pepper cheese and side of old world tomato soup. For all you meat lovers out there, they have you covered with The Favorite: The Rustic plus crumbled bacon! (

My second cheesy pick is Scardello. When true Dallasites think of cheese, your mind should come to Scardello. I stop by the farmers market location once a month to stock up on different types of cheeses. The one that truly does it for me is their 10 year-aged sharp cheddar. Now what was I talking about? Oh yes, grilled cheese, The Mountaineer: Three hand made mountain cheeses melted together on farmhouse bread. (

Last, but not least, the oldie but goodie, Cafe Brazil. I've been going here since I was a little kid, stumbling in late at night during college and brunching here as an adult. Not only is their staff absolutely sweet, they treat almost everyone like a regular. Their grilled cheese and tomato soup in a bread bowl is carbicide heaven: Asiago cheese, cheddar, Monterey Jack and feta on their grilled homemade white bread. I love feta, my sisters think it has no place being on a grilled cheese, but they're wrong. Please comment below with your favorite Dallas grilled cheese joints! I look forward to exploring your suggestions with family and friends!(

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