10 Random Tash Facts

Get to know me!

1) I went to medical school in the St. Maarten for two years 2013,2014.

2) My Dad's heart transplant is what brought me back to Dallas. Shout out to the UT Southwestern team for making my dad a kid at heart again (Fun Fact: his heart is 22 years old).

3) My favorite spot in Dallas, besides my moms kitchen, is Deep Ellum...ps my mom makes the best Indian food in DFW.

4) I'm a gelato snob because our family owned Paciugo NorthPark for many years. However, you can still find me at Dairy Queen inhaling a mint Oreo blizzard.

5) While I went to school in Plano, I spent every free moment in Dallas at our family cleaners when I was a kid.

6) My favorite pizza in Dallas is Campisis. Try my favorite: large cheese, garlic, and jalapeño. You won't regret it!

7) I absolutely love scuba diving and traveling to find great dives, even though I still can't swim lol.

8) The two areas I'm most excited to see expand in DFW are Shops at Legacy West and Harwood District.

9) I have two bengal cats: Pixy and Chloe.

10) I love my job as a clinical specialist, because I get to help physicians and patients on a daily basis through technology.

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